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The Touchy Question That Business Leaders Must Ask Their CIO

  Earlier this month, I guessed authored an article for ReadITQuick. The post has received a lot of responses and CIOs are constantly asking me about shadow IT. I wanted to share the article with the Meta SaaS audience because I believe companies of all sizes are grappling with what to do with shadow IT and who is ultimately responsible for its management.

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Tagged: Security, Utilization, Finance

You Have A Lot to Lose If You’re Not Leveraging the Cloud to Manage the Cloud

How Many SaaS Apps Do You Have, Anyway? We recently conducted an online survey asking business leaders a simple question: How many SaaS apps are being used in your organization? This shouldn’t be a guesstimate, by the way. Our respondents had this to say:

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Tagged: Procurement

Where Is the Enterprise Software Market Headed? Gartner Has an Idea.

This fall, Gartner presented its “Key Macro Trends Shaping the Future of the Enterprise Software Market,” a fascinating peek into what we can expect in the coming years. While anyone can download the recorded version, here are a few key points and a brief discussion of each.

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Tagged: Security

3 Ways To Zero in on Unsanctioned IT

Unsanctioned IT (also known as shadow IT) is a phrase on the minds of many a corporate executive today - as it should be. Recent research from the Everest Group shows that unsanctioned IT can comprise up to 50% of corporate IT spending. If your business is spending that much on something you can’t identify, it’s high time you start paying attention.

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Tagged: Governance, Finance

M&As Present Fertile Ground for Redundant SaaS Apps

Duplicate Apps Are Costing You Mergermarket’s 2016 Global M&A Report counts 17,369 deals were sealed last year, 4,951 of them in the U.S. alone. These mergers and acquisitions span virtually every industry, with borders of no consequence. With every M&A comes a host of challenges.

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