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Meta SaaS joins Flexera!

We've just joined Flexera, the global SAM leader! One company strong for managing all your technology assets-- from SaaS, software in the cloud and cloud infrastructure, to IoT, on premises and datacenter.

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Meta SaaS is a cloud-based SaaS management software tool that exposes all of your SaaS subscriptions, and identifies any unused, underused or abandoned licenses. Get a single source of all your SaaS accounts and licenses to help identify shadow IT, manage renewals, reduce spend and secure user accounts.


SaaS Management Benefits

Identify Shadow IT

Identify which SaaS vendors are in use at your company that are not managed by IT.

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Manage SaaS Renewals

Create a single source of truth regarding product owners, contract terms, and important dates.

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Reduce SaaS Spend

Optimize licenses with easy to implement recommendations and reports.

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Secure User Accounts

Receive proactive alerts when user accounts retain access to SaaS vendor applications.

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A Few Of Our Customers

Barracuda Networks
Civitas Learning
Retail Me Not

SaaS Integrations

No other SaaS optimization platform even comes close to offering as many direct integrations to all the SaaS subscriptions your business uses as Meta SaaS. We integrate directly with each SaaS vendor in addition to your SSO provider, so you get a single pane of glass for all your SaaS.

Our portfolio of integrations continues to grow daily.


What Is SaaS Management?

The term "SaaS Management" refers to a category of business intelligence software that enables organizations to analyze spend and utilization metrics for the SaaS vendors in use at the organization. SaaS management tools are traditionally used by IT administrators and IT procurement professionals.

Why Is There So Much SaaS Waste?

There are three primary reasons why a SaaS management and utilization reporting platform such as Meta SaaS is important for your business. Meta SaaS connects procurement, IT, and finance in a single easy to use vendor management tool that is always up to date.

SaaS Procurement

Easy To Procure

SaaS is intentionally engineered to make it easy for employees to sign-up and invite other employees without the intervention of the IT department.

SaaS Financial Controls

Missing Financial Controls

IT Procurement professionals lack internal controls over SaaS spend. SaaS is often purchased at the departmental level or expensed by individuals and not accurately categorized on financial reports.

IT Landscape BYOD

Changing IT Landscape

As employee owned devices and remote work scenarios continue to grow in popularity, traditional IT policies are becoming more difficult to enforce.