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Still Using Spreadsheets and Calendars?

It's time to start using the right tool for the job.

Keeping a watchful eye on when your monthly, quarterly, annual, or multi-year SaaS contracts renew is important. Equally as important, though, is tracking the notification dates for changing license numbers or renegotiating the terms of your agreement with the vendor. We want you to get as much as you can from each SaaS contracts, and a way to do this is to ensure that you don’t exceed or are not late with matters concerning your contract renegotiations. Our SaaS renewal contract management is a tool designed specifically for such a task.

SaaS vendors aren't financially motivated to remind you that a contract is set to auto-renew, especially when you're not making full use of the product. In fact, you might find that your account manager goes radio silent about 60 days prior to the notification date specified in your contract.

Meta SaaS tracks those important contract dates and intelligently adjusts its reminders to you based on total contract value, actual time required per-vendor to make changes, and gives strong preference to tools that you are not utilizing efficiently. It's time to sit back, relax, and let Meta SaaS take care of the hard work. No more tedious spreadsheet creation, no more oversights – you’ll be on track (and on time) with your contract renewals using our SaaS management tool.

SaaS Contract Renewal Management

Top 3 Reasons

Why You'll  Meta SaaS

Easy To Use

Great tools should make your life better and shouldn't require a PhD in engineering. If you can use a web browser, you can use Meta SaaS. Even better, Meta SaaS does not require any software installation or time from the IT department.

Saves You Money

Find savings through good process, controls, and management of resources. Meta SaaS enables you to manage your cloud application resources effectively so you only pay for licenses you actually use instead of paying for licenses that lay dormant.

Saves You Time

Time is in short supply these days. Meta SaaS empowers you to stop devoting valuable time to performing resource utilization audits. With a single always up-to-date dashboard, utilization reports that used to take months now takes seconds.

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