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Meta SaaS joins Flexera!

We've just joined Flexera, the global SAM leader! Flexera is changing the game for companies everywhere. They’re finally demanding more from their technology assets and suppliers. They expect – and deserve – faster time to value, more complete solutions and trustworthy data to drive better business outcomes. By teaming up with Flexera, we're now one company strong, helping you manage all your technology assets-- from SaaS, software in the cloud and cloud infrastructure, to IoT, on premises and datacenter.

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What Does Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Update Mean for SaaS?

Hey there - welcome back and hope you had a relaxing weekend. Last week, Microsoft made a move that clearly illustrates the value of SaaS vs on-prem. In a blog post by the COO of business applications, Microsoft announced that they'll be modernizing their update model for Dynamics 365 - and now provide updates semi-annually. They won't be providing the same update cadence to their Dynamics on-premise customers. This announcement perfectly encapsulates one of SaaS's common value-drivers: faster updates and centralized managed services (the update itself). Microsoft, like Adobe did years before, is making a conscious effort to pivot to cloud and SaaS delivery models - and this announcement further cements that they're putting action behind that decision.

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