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Oracle Staying Active: Acquisitions and Compliance

Morning SaaSquatches!

Hope everyone made it through April 1st unscathed by unsolicited pranks. Outside of Mother Nature’s cold April fools joke on the east coast, this week focused on Cloud security: Oracle Public Cloud added new compliances and an up-and-coming Y Combinator startup raised funds to sort the “bad guys from the good” for SaaS companies.

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This week’s MetaSaaS blogs:

This week’s SaaS news from around the web:

Oracle keeps looking outside itself as it starts doing due diligence on Accenture - the consulting and digital agency valued at $77 billion.

Maybe it'd be a symbiotic acquisition as Accenture itself - and it’s $8.3 billion in annual sales - is high on the the promise of As-A-Service business models.

DropBox taps $600 million credit line ahead of expected IPO to enable accelerated growth.

Security Y Combinator alum secures $4 million to expand offering to SaaS companies to sort the “bad guys from the good”.

Oracle Public Cloud moves into regulated sectors with HIPAA, SOC and ISO compliance.

India is about to have its first SaaS company, Freshdesk, cross $100 million revenue in 2018.

As Okta preps for its IPO, pricing and entrenched competitors present the largest obstacles.

Why today is the best time to build a SaaS company: Join Salesforce’s Chief Digital Evangelist Office to learn from the top VC in SaaS, the CEO of Accompany and a SaaS analyst

Microsoft making it better for all apps living in its cloud: Azure Firewall to deflect attacks to applications that live in Azure.

As the SaaS industry matures, Catalyst Investors explains why profitability is a more important indicator for SaaS valuation than growth.

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