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Meta SaaS joins Flexera!

We've just joined Flexera, the global SAM leader! Flexera is changing the game for companies everywhere. They’re finally demanding more from their technology assets and suppliers. They expect – and deserve – faster time to value, more complete solutions and trustworthy data to drive better business outcomes. By teaming up with Flexera, we're now one company strong, helping you manage all your technology assets-- from SaaS, software in the cloud and cloud infrastructure, to IoT, on premises and datacenter.

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May 21, 2018

Pluralsight Shares Soar 30% Following IPO

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend and a productive week. Last Thursday, Pluralsight, a Utah-based ed-tech company, went public. While shares were originally priced at $15, they closed the day at $20. One week is a small sample size but, it looks like Pluralsight is on track to become another feather in the SaaS cap. The first article in today's newsletter will cover Pluralsight's IPO. Following that, we'll dive into Adaptive Insights' plan to go public, DropBox's Q1 financials, and Google vs Microsoft's revamp of email - and more. Have a productive week everyone!

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May 14, 2018

Conference Takeaways: From Microsoft's IoT to Google Assistant

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Last week Google and Microsoft had two conferences: Google IO and Microsoft Build. In both events, the tech giants revealed new products and initiatives. Google's customer facing AI is clearly leading the pack - and Microsoft doubled down on its IoT Azure play. Lost in last week's shuffle, Hubspot announced that it's expanding its product portfolio to include the full customer experience - not just user acquisition. With rising CAC and competition in organic search, Hubspot, which built its legacy on inbound marketing, realized that the future of maximizing business would be through upsell - not new customers.

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May 7, 2018

The Next Step for Meta SaaS: Proudly Joining Flexera

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Before jumping into business as usual, we're proud to announce that Meta SaaS will be joining Flexera - becoming the most complete SAM solution available! We're very excited about the outcome - and believe the synergy between the two teams will help accelerate our vision of enterprise SaaS management. There are many people we'd like to thank - from investors to readers - so thank you for very much for joining us for the ride up until this point. And we look forward to where it goes!

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April 30, 2018

DocuSign and Smartsheet Hit the Public Markets

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend. This week, two well known SaaS companies hit the public markets: Smartsheet and DocuSign. Despite a small sample size (they went public on Friday morning), both stocks are performing well - which may bode well for a continued stream of SaaS companies going public. Separately, in the private-company world, Austin-based BigCommerce raised nearly $65 million to help grow and solidify its international e-commerce business. Also, on the track of e-commerce, Square acquired Weebly - so their SMB customers can build online stores (with Weebly) and use Square's transaction software.

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April 23, 2018

Drift Adds $60 Million from Sequoia to Go Big or Go Home

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wholesome Earth Day. There wasn't much notable activity in the SaaS world last week so, outside of a few notes, today we'll spend more time on the trends of the cloud and SaaS space. Drift, a conversational marketing tool founded by David Cancel (ex-CPO, Hubspot), raised $60 million from Sequoia Capital. Statistics can be deceptive but, according to their press release, Drift is growing faster at this stage than companies like Salesforce and Zendesk. The founding team has a "go big or go home mentality" and, with about $90M in the bank, it looks like they'll have the runway to give it a shot. Outside of Drift, we'll also cover emerging trends in SaaS: from edge computing, multi-cloud infrastructure and no-code interfaces. Enjoy and have a wonderful week!

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