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October 16, 2017

Salesforce brings IoT into the Marketing Cloud

Hey everyone! This week Salesforce announced new functionality in their marketing cloud that allows marketers to use IoT data in campaigns. As of now, it looks like the feature's primary use case won't apply to in-store beacon tech. Instead, it'll help marketers working at IoT companies, connect their customer data (in the wearables) with their CRM data. Microsoft already has an IoT SaaS feature on Azure - so we'll see if they match Salesforce and bring it into Dynamics 365. Have a productive week everyone!

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October 9, 2017

The Mysterious Case of Shopify's Missing Merchants

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Columbus Day weekend. Last week Shopify - an ecommerce SaaS company for SMBs - took a major hit. An analyst from Citron Research accused the company of inflating its active user numbers through its partner referral program. Of Shopify's 500,000 merchants, Citron Research claims only 50,000 are accounted for - leaving an astrisk next to the company's recent hot performance. We'll see how things play out but, as companies continue to test new customer acquisition models, Shopify's situation is a valuable reminder that all numbers still need to be tied to something tangible and real.

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October 2, 2017

Bring Your AI and AR to Work: The Future of Office Tech

Hey Everyone! Hope all is well. This week we'll cover office productivity SaaS and everyone's favorite words: augmented reality and artificial intelligence. According to Zoom and Slack, we'll have virtual reality conferences and AI embedded into chat tools - in the not too distant future. We'll also cover tips for SaaS management and how to choose reliable SaaS vendors that you can rely on.

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September 25, 2017

MongoDB Takes on $44 Billion Opportunity and Announces IPO

Hey everyone! MongoDB will raise $100 million in their upcoming IPO and trade under MDB (not to be confused with the productivity black hole known as IMDB). MongoDB is the second open-source company to go public this year - following Cloudera's IPO in the spring. Although there's still shades of doubt about the viability of businesses built around OSS, it's undeniable (and fascinating) that open technologies are becoming ingrained in today's for-profit SaaS world - from Linux and Redhat to Kubernetes and Google. Anyway, it'll be exciting to see how MongoDB's IPO goes and figure out what it means for the future of OSS in SaaS.

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September 18, 2017

Despite 9m Users and $200m ARR - Don't Look for Slack to IPO in 2018

Hey everyone! Hope your week was productive and weekend relaxing. This week we'll cover Slack's recent growth numbers, the ramifications and their path to IPO. We'll also put the CIO under the microscope to learn how they evaluate SaaS tools, their decision process for making purchases and the security measures they need to abide by. Have a great week!

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