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August 21, 2017

Google Cloud, Shadow IT and Solar Eclipses

Hey Everyone - this week may have had a few peaks and valleys but hope you all had nothing but peaks. Whether it's Kubernetes or machine learning, Google continues to leverage its engineering talent to stay in striking distance of Azure and AWS. Most recently, Box added GCP's Cloud Vision API. Aaron Levie, Box CEO, said "it would just be strategically" for the company to compete with Google. Given how much we talk about new players in the game (like Box - a public company with +$550 million in funding), it's always fascinating to be reminded just how advanced and foundational members of the Big 5 are. Now, on to some great tech news and solar eclipses.

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August 14, 2017

Selling SaaS to the Enterprise is an Inside Job

Time to channel your inner Denzel Washington. This week, we'll gloss over the globe (from India to Brazil and EU) and talk about marketing to the enterprise (because people are doing it wrong). Hint: doing it right means equipping your inside man. We'll also examine Azure's rise in the I/PaaS space - a rise that has some folks saying Azure leads incumbent AWS. Now, go have a great week and conquer your own proverbial AWS! Enjoy.

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August 7, 2017

Hubspot Dabbles in AI and Dropbox Adds Senior IT Leadership

Morning Everyone. Welcome to August. As Gary Vaynerchuck says - August is a month to get ahead while everyone else is on vacation. Hubspot definitely took that to heart and just acquired a startup (self-described as an 'AI Startup' - shocker!). On the other side of the spectrum (and not so SaaS related but still worth noting), Blue Apron laid off 1.2k employees just weeks after IPO. Oh the power of Amazon. Now off to a great week - and have a great August.

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July 31, 2017

Listing the Top SaaS and Cloud Companies of 2017

Hey everyone - hope you enjoyed the final weekend of July 2017. It's pretty crazy that we cruised through it and are about to hit August. By now every NFL training camp has started and the MLB is well over 60% done - and autumn is around the corner. Rather than list all the other fall related things that come with August, though, let's list the premier SaaS and cloud companies of 2017!

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July 24, 2017

Oracle Adds XaaS Suite and Dropbox CTO Leaves Before Approaching IPO

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and, if you're a golfer, British Open. Last week, Oracle announced a suite of services giving customers better visibility into their data stored on Oracle Cloud. The offering applies to hybrid cloud models - so customers can keep sensitive data on prem, and still compute it via Oracle. They're still well behind AWS, Azure and GCP - but Oracle is doing what they can to stay in the XaaS game. Have a great week!

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