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Meta SaaS joins Flexera!

We've just joined Flexera, the global SAM leader! Flexera is changing the game for companies everywhere. They’re finally demanding more from their technology assets and suppliers. They expect – and deserve – faster time to value, more complete solutions and trustworthy data to drive better business outcomes. By teaming up with Flexera, we're now one company strong, helping you manage all your technology assets-- from SaaS, software in the cloud and cloud infrastructure, to IoT, on premises and datacenter.

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Scribe Online is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) that is accelerates integration projects for IT pros, business analysts, systems integrators, and SaaS providers. thousands of companies use Scribe Online to create real-time integrations between their business applications (e.g., CRM to ERP integration or CRM to marketing automation integration), migrate data from one system to another (e.g., when moving from an on-premises application to a cloud application), or extracting, transforming, and loading data as part of a process for reporting and analytics.

Meta SaaS provides a direct cloud API connector for Scribe & many other cloud application providers. Click here to view all integrations.

Categories: IT Management Business Intelligence & Analytics

Website: https://www.scribesoft.com/

Top 3 Reasons Why You'll Love Meta SaaS

Easy To Use

Great tools should make your life better and shouldn't require a PhD in engineering. If you can use a web browser, you can use Meta SaaS. Even better, Meta SaaS does not require any software installation or time from the IT department.

Save Money

Find savings through good process, controls, and management of resources. Meta SaaS enables you to manage your cloud application resources effectively so you only pay for licenses you actually use instead of paying for licenses that lay dormant.

Save Time

Time is in short supply these days. Meta SaaS empowers you to stop devoting valuable time to performing resource utilization audits. With a single always up-to-date dashboard, utilization reports that used to take months now takes seconds.