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"Salesbox is a predictive CRM for small and medium-sized enterprises which offers collaboration tools, real-time pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, predictive analytics, automatic task generation, proactive guidance, and more. Salesbox’s pipeline view gives users an overview of their sales pipeline, with details of total progress, sales processes with weighted importance, sales forecast, and checked activities. Completed activities can be checked off from within the pipeline view, and details for each deal can be displayed alongside the pipeline view. Pipelines can also be viewed as a list, and sorted by progress, value, and more. Deals can be marked as favorites, and the most recently updated opportunities can be accessed from the ‘Recents’ list. "

Meta SaaS provides a direct cloud API connector for Salesbox & many other cloud application providers. Click here to view all integrations.

Categories: Sales Customer Relationship Management

Website: http://salesbox.com

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