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Meta SaaS joins Flexera!

We've just joined Flexera, the global SAM leader! Flexera is changing the game for companies everywhere. They’re finally demanding more from their technology assets and suppliers. They expect – and deserve – faster time to value, more complete solutions and trustworthy data to drive better business outcomes. By teaming up with Flexera, we're now one company strong, helping you manage all your technology assets-- from SaaS, software in the cloud and cloud infrastructure, to IoT, on premises and datacenter.

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Ebook: 3 Step Guide to Controling Your SaaS Spending

 You’re just a click away from taking your SaaS management to a whole new level. It all starts with controlling costs. Why does Gartner believe up to 30 percent of software license costs are wasted through insufficient management? Because so many companies have no idea what SaaS apps are being used by whom, when, and how.

Things are about to change.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • Why spreadsheets, calendars and single-sign on can’t keep up with expanding SaaS environments
  • The 3 requirements to achieving SaaS control - and what to do about them
  • How to curb current and future SaaS costs