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What Will We Learn at the 2017 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo?


Here We Go Again

Every year, the best and brightest descend upon the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo to gain insights, strategies and best practices to tackle their biggest IT challenges and get a glimpse into what's coming. This year’s symposium is just around the corner, October 1-5 in Orlando, and the cloud is taking front and center stage (no surprise).

Just yesterday, Gartner released a report saying worldwide IaaS public cloud market grew 31 percent in 2016, saying, "The market for cloud services is growing faster than virtually every other IT market today, with much of its growth coming at the expense of the traditional, noncloud offerings." Gartner also estimates the worldwide public cloud services market will grow 18 percent and SaaS is expected to grow 20 percent in 2017.

In this digital world of artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud applications and SaaS, companies in all industries are facing a brave new world and need information. IT is no longer the sole proprietor of business applications. Every area of the business has their hand in the pot in attempts to innovate, optimize and streamline. Many of these industries deal with ever-changing regulations and all face risk: cyber threats, data security, audits and fines are just a few.

The Gartner Symposium is the ideal opportunity to bring thought leaders, experts, CIOs and business leaders across the enterprise together to solve some of these challenges, learn from each other’s expertise and pave the way into the future of IT. It truly is an event not to be missed.

Meta SaaS Will Be There

Meta SaaS is excited to be an exhibitor this year in the Emerging Technology expo area, so we can show companies the best way to manage SaaS technology. With cloud applications dominating the IT landscape, SaaS management is no longer a “good to have,” but an absolute must. There’s simply too much at risk to leave it to chance.

While we are there right along with you to learn as much as possible, we also want to provide valuable information to companies who may or may not realize the critical nature of SaaS management. Some think they have SaaS management in the bag, but we’ve found most have a long way to go and we don’t want anyone to be caught off guard. Here are just a few of the takeaways we hope our visitors will leave with:

  • You must have visibility into your entire software ecosystem, including SaaS applications
  • Most companies have shadow IT they aren’t managing but can cause the most harm
  • Spreadsheets and calendars can’t keep up with the growth and complexity of SaaS apps
  • An automated system helps identify, monitor and manage every SaaS application across the enterprise with less effort
  • Only real-time data will do - anything else is history
  • GDPR is coming and U.S. companies must be ready

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Meta SaaS is rapidly becoming the automated software of choice for SaaS management because we provide the necessary visibility across the SaaS platform. We shine a light into the shadows so nothing is kept in the dark. Every SaaS application is trackable and managed in one place, from one screen, in real-time.

No matter what SaaS app is purchased from what department, Meta SaaS will integrate it into the system. We go further than most SaaS management software by uncovering what’s really important so companies can make more informed decisions. We:

  • Decipher logins from actual utilization
  • Determine which apps are unused, underutilized or abandoned
  • Flag phantom IT and redundant SaaS apps
  • Present a visual timeline of upcoming contract renewals
  • Generate reports to show business leaders opportunities to reduce SaaS spend
  • Deliver cross-application user reporting and identification to secure SaaS user accounts

If you’re planning on attending this year’s symposium, we’d love for you to stop by to say hello. You can also schedule a demo ahead of your visit. The demo will give you an idea of how Meta SaaS could help your organization take control of its SaaS management and spend once and for all.

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