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Austin, We Have A Problem...

"How did we end up with more licenses than people?"

"Why do 3 former employees still have access to our file share?"

"How much are we spending on all of this SaaS?"

Those were the questions that were muttered out loud as he combed through accounting records. No single item was a problem but all together they became unmanageable.

The first attempt at solving the problem was an Excel spreadsheet, then a calendar, and then a database. It was clear that spreadsheets and calendars just wouldn't be good enough to get a handle on all of these different vendors, users, and contracts.

"Surely somebody has solved this. We can't be the first company to have this problem. There must be a better way!" he said.

But there wasn't a better way, so Meta SaaS was created to build one.



Arlo Gilbert

Arlo Gilbert

Co-Founder & CEO

Arlo has been building hyper growth technology startups for more than 20 years. He bootstrapped his first company from zero to $50M in ARR. Arlo has built and sold companies in industries ranging from search to telecom and healthcare to advertising.

Scott Hertel

Scott Hertel

Co-Founder & CTO

Scott first code ran on a Commodore 64. Suffice it to say, the tools he uses have seriously improved. Scott brings 20+ years managing teams, solving big tech challenges, and scaling systems. Scott has led technology teams at companies such as Accenture, Microsoft, and Dell.


Mark Cuban

Barracuda Networks

Capital Factory

Chicago Ventures

Deep Space Ventures

GPG Ventures

In addition to the above institutional investors, Meta SaaS is fortunate to have many of Austin's most successful entrepreneurs as investors.